Saving money on household bills is top of the list for most of us in tough times. Why give money away when you don’t have to?

A recent survey showed that 94% of us would like to save money on household bills but 40% of us think that shopping around takes too long. 13% found comparison websites confusing. But 83% of us would like to save money on utilities, 67% on broadband, 57% on mobile bills and 35% on our landline costs.

But actually doing this is hard. For most of us, the time needed to actually research where the deals lie and then switch providers is simply not there.

And the process is finicky too. You need to enter your details for each and every product you want to look at. There’s no way of looking at the full range of bills and household expenses using the same set of details. It’s simply too much hassle.

But close to 80% of people would happily spend 15 minutes on the phone to sort out their household bills if it meant saving money 67% loved the idea of a free review.

A new service by ONE BILL SAVINGS aims to meet these needs and to take the pain out of the process. They collate your details once. They do all of the leg work by looking at the various providers in each area so you don’t need to approach multiple providers for new quotes. They look at life and household insurances, utilities, broadband, mobile and landline phones and, through a partner, even mortgages and loans. They will then find you the best available deal for each and take you through their findings, hopefully saving you hundreds in the process.

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